10 Principles

London Decompression follows the 10 core principles of Burning Man and Nowhere.

Communal Effort

Working together through collaboration to create, communicate, protect and promote the values of our group.


From the gift of your time (“need a hand with that hexayurt?”) to that perfectly timed snack (“A grilled cheese sandwich at 4am? Thank you!”) gifting is at the heart of the principles. We gift unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.


Allowing ourselves to truly be in the moment no matter how much other worldly demands try to distract us. Enjoy the experience whilst it lasts.


We welcome all at London Decompression. From our close community of friends and loved ones to the strangers we are about to meet.  All are welcome to participate.

Leave A Better Trace

To be mindful of the impact we have on our environment and make conscious changes to lessen the trace we leave behind.  From transport choices to outfit decisions, or pointless waste and how we consume our drinks, we are mindful of leaving our spaces in a better condition than how we found them.


By removing the desire to consume we reduce the risk of being exploited by commercial greed or want, creating instead, a culture of gifting and creativity. 


Everyone is encouraged to participate, and, no matter how small or large your contribution is, we’re all part of the experience. This is how we achieve transformative change as individuals or as part of the larger society. Being involved adds more meaning to the event.


Want to dance your latest tango-twerking fusion wearing that floaty dress you rescued from a flea market? Go ahead! That’s your own unique gift to the community. Just be aware that you should also be respectful of the audience’s own rights … it might not be the right time during a fire performance!


Dig deep and ensure that you can rely on yourself for the majority of what you might need. The playa may very well provide but that doesn’t mean you should expect everyone else to look after you. Come prepared with everything you might desire during a night (and day) out. 

Civic Responsibility

Our event organisers will always put our members’ welfare first, and we encourage all participants to consider others.  Local laws apply!


And underlying everything … Consent!

Asking before you engage in a hug or even get involved in a conversation is at the heart of consent.

Presumption can lead to hurt, confusion and even feeling violated, so ask using clear communication. You may get declined but that’s okay too.